Global Uprisings Short Films Night Two


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Global Upheaval_ICONGlobal Upheaval: Documents from a World in Revolt

Global Uprisings Short Films Night Two

  • 2013-14
  • Directed By: Brandon Jourdan and Marianne Maeckelbergh
  • Rated Not Rated
  • Shorts Program
  • 95 Minutes
  1. Tuesday, October 6, 2015 7:00 p.m.
Image from the film Garbage Dreams
After the new Egyptian State violently suppressed the revolutionary movement that brought down the former regime and American police forces evicted Occupy camps across the country, it seemed to many this wave of unprecedented international unrest was an anomaly finally coming to an end. Few expected 2013–14 would give rise to massive, leaderless insurrections across Turkey, Brazil, and Bosnia while reigniting radical social movements across the U.S., Europe, and Mexico. Short films include: Egyptian Winter (2013), Bosnia and Herzegovina in Spring (2014), and The Taksim Commune (2013).

Egyptian Winter (2013) [10 minutes]
The Taksim Commune (2013) [32 minutes]
Bosnia and Herzegovina in Spring (2014) [15 minutes]
Pieces of Madrid (2014) [18 minutes]
After Gezi: Erdogan and Political Struggle in Turkey (2014) [20 minutes]

(2K DCP Presentation)