The Return of Draw Egan


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DrawEgan-01-01The Return of Draw Egan

The Return of Draw Egan

  1. Saturday, February 20, 2016 7:00 p.m.
The Return of Draw Egan

Presented with live orchestral accompaniment

The notorious masked bandit of the American Wild West, “Draw” Egan, narrowly escapes a posse of lawmen during a shootout with him and his gang. He flees to the town of Yellow Dog where he assumes the new identity of William Blake (yes, the same name as the English poet and protagonist in Jim Jarmusch’s western, Dead Man). After winning a brawl with a lawless character, he is offered the job of marshal. With eyes for the mayor’s daughter, he accepts and begins cleaning up the town, though it is not long before Egan’s past catches up to him. Special thanks to film collector David Shepard and Serge Bromberg from Lobster Films. (2K DCP silent presentation with live orchestra)

ONB color
This screening is made possible thanks to the generous support of Old National Bank.

Ari Barack Fisher is a master’s student studying composition in the Jacobs School of Music (JSoM), where he has been a student of Mischa Zupko, Don Freund, Claude Baker, Aaron Travers, and Sven David Sandstrom. He is the recipient of the inaugural Jon Vickers Film Scoring Award with his score for The Return of Draw Egan. As a JSoM freshman, Ari won the commission to score the 1922 silent version of David Copperfield, which premiered at IU Cinema in 2012. Ari has also composed for concert, commercials, film, and videogames, and his piece Springtime in my Hometown toured South Korea.