It Felt Like Love


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ELIZA HITTMAN-icon-01-01Eliza Hittman: Two for Two

It Felt Like Love

  • 2013
  • Directed By: Eliza Hittman
  • Rated Not Rated
  • Drama
  • 82 Minutes
  1. Friday, October 13, 2017 6:30 p.m.
still image from It Felt like Love

Director Eliza Hittman is scheduled to be present.


During an uneventful summer on the outskirts of Brooklyn, Lila, a lonely 14-year-old from Gravesend, turns her attentions to Sammy, an older thug she sees at Rockaway beach. Wanting something to brag about, she weaves a story about him and becomes fixated on seeing it realized. When her attempts fail, she propels the lie even further, claiming they’ve had sex. During her sexual quest, Lila turns from predator to prey. It Felt Like Love captures the confusing emotions and developing identity of an adolescent girl that explores what could euphemistically be called love. The film will be preceded by Hittman’s 2011 short film Forever’s Gonna Start Tonight. Contains mature content, including nudity, strong language, and sexual situations. (2K DCP Presentation)