Skidoo/Looking for Mushrooms


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WOUNDED GALAXIES_ICONWounded Galaxies 1968

Skidoo/Looking for Mushrooms

  • 1968/1967
  • Directed By: Otto Preminger/Bruce Conner
  • Rated R
  • Comedy
  • 101 Minutes
  1. Sunday, February 11, 2018 6:30 p.m.
Image from the film Skidoo.
Skidoo (1968) Directed by Otto Preminger
Looking for Mushrooms (1967) Directed by Bruce Conner

Otto Preminger dropped acid with Timothy Leary in preparation for the most bizarre topical farce made in Hollywood since W. C. Fields’ 1932 Million Dollar Legs, not to mention the most LSD-tolerant movie released by a major studio. Skidoo has the quality of a controlled nervous breakdown—not least in its casting in which Carol Channing and Jackie Gleason play the parents of a wayward teenybopper, and as the ultimate head joke, Groucho Marx plays a criminal mastermind named God. In his first color film, Looking for Mushrooms (3 min.), Bruce Conner scored a pixelated hunt for psilocybin mushrooms in rural Mexico to the Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows.” Leary figured in making this movie as well. (HD/2K DCP presentation)

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