Student Short Film Program Two


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Student Short Film Program Two

  1. Thursday, December 13, 2012 6:30 p.m.
Still image from student film program
Films were curated from projects produced in the Departments of Communication and Culture, Telecommunications, School of Fine Arts and School of Journalism.

An Hour in a Minute — Sarah Rish & Adam Fisher
A very brief look at campus. (1:12 min)

Crossing Paths — Jessica Johnson
I believe people cross paths for a reason. This is a dedication to the people who have impacted my life but are no longer with me today. (2:20 min)

The Idol — Brian Boles
A man goes on an outlandish journey when he stumbles upon a mystical idol. (2:33 min)

The Patriots — Ashli Hendricks, Will Mruzek, Nikki Pinney
When does the fight for freedom start to enslave? An FBI agent starts to feel the pressure of his job surveilling potential terrorists. (4:59 min)

Fear of Expectations — Elizabeth Duff
It’s audition time—and with it come stresses, panic and the quest for perfection. (10:42 min)

Dancing for Difference — Glory Sheeley
Alyssa Condotti, a sophomore in contemporary dance at IU, uses her skills in dancing to help others. The program “Dance for PD“ uses dance to relieve the harsh symptoms of Parkinson's disease. (2:36 min)

A Dreamer's Day — Kyle Doud
By using simple imagery and an avant-garde approach. I have attempted to capture a small fragment of the mind of a dreamer. (1:21 min)

Sam Harvey: Undercover — Kyra Andrews, Carissa Barrett, Claudia Krogmeier
An avid cop show fan, Sam Harvey thinks she sees crime everywhere. Her fantasies of being a part of the local police department come true when she unwittingly becomes a witness to a crime. (5:01 min)

Killer Joe — Robert Salek
A girlfriend plays a trick on her boyfriend only every takes a turn for the worse in the end. (2:42 min)

Goo Goo G'joob — Connor Andrei, Kyle Doud, Philip Salat
Park Ranger John Eggman's duties do not normally involve mysterious deaths, but when a hunter is found flattened to death in the woods, he takes it upon himself to keep the city safe. (4:54 min)

The Law of the Jungle — Catherine Chi
We live in a world that builds with products. We have to fight with our desire but most of the time we just surrender to their charm. (1:02 min)

Vulpes Culpas — Brandon Walsh, Jessica Johnson, Sarah Hetrick, Danielle Stomel
A fox takes drastic measures to be accepted in this grown-up children's story. (4:32 min)

Funeral March of a Marionette — Russell McGee, Richard Lawmaster, Ben Velzen
A lonely funeral director, bored with his routine, sketches a figure that surprises him. (4:46 min)

Police: Digby Nights — Colin Denhart, Alfredo Franco, Richard Zanon
Located in Northwest Indiana, Digby is a crime-ridden urban area in decline. Two cops respond to a report of suspicious activity in a downtown apartment. (6:14 min)

Trip to the Park — Nick Gall
Three teenage halloweeners engage in antics—and a very special prank. (14:57 min)