3D Student Films Showcase


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3D Student Films Showcase

  1. Tuesday, May 1, 2012 6:30 p.m.
Image of student 3D filmmakers from IU

This program highlights the stereoscopic 3D artistry, creativity, and technical accomplishments of students, faculty, and staff at Indiana University. Join us for an evening of adventure and education in the third dimension as we show you student projects and professional productions utilizing stereoscopic 3D video and animation to tell stories and inform audiences.

Presented in cooperation with the Advanced Visualization Lab, Department of Telecommunications, and IUPUI School of Informatics.

The 3D Showcase features projects by the Advanced Visualization Lab, the students of the Telecommunications T452 3D class and an animation project from a student at UCLA. Most of the films would earn a PG rating, though a few of them do have some language.

The program includes:

Seeing in 3D
Sit back and relax for a brief overview of how we see in 3D and what those funny glasses do to help you see our movies in 3D. You might just learn something if you're not careful.

Lunar Stereographs
Back by popular demand we present a slideshow of stereographs (3D photographs) taken by the Apollo program astronauts on the surface of the moon. These images were taken between July 1969 and December 1972.

Friday Night Tights
The question of what to do on a Friday night in a college town, who knew it could contain so much drama? This animation project by Joonki Park was produced at the UCLA Animation Workshop.

Old Stone House
The old stone house holds memories of the past for the new resident.

Some superpowers aren't really so super.

The Clockwork Man
Late one evening a reclusive old woman receives a startling visit from a frantic child, who is being pursued by an otherworldly assailant; the clockwork man! Is the assailant real or imaginary; will the old woman face her fear ­ the guilt that haunts her past and what or who is the clockwork man?

Monsters Under the Bed
In the atomic age, a little girl being put to bed fights the monsters and aliens to become a free and confidant girl.

The Whisperer
How powerful can a whisper really be? One man finds out, but is it too late to save himself?

Fowl Play
As is often the case, appearances can be deceiving and help (as well as danger) can come from unexpected directions.