Student Short Film Program One


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President Provost ChoiceMade at IU

Student Short Film Program One

  1. Wednesday, December 12, 2012 6:30 p.m.
Still image from student film
Films were curated from projects produced in the Departments of Communication and Culture, Telecommunications, School of Fine Arts and School of Journalism.

iDate — Dan Levy, Eumini Er Si Ying, Carter Ross
Romance blossoms for two young people on a date despite their preoccupations with texting their friends. (3:26 min.

Margaret Dolinsky’s Virtual Environments Class
3-D interactive environments presented on tape.  (2:11 min)

•Exploring the unexplored — Pranav Gupta
Imagining human colonization on mysterious and unexplored places beyond planet earth

•Strategic Struggle — Emory Brown
The two forces of lush growth and destructive decay constantly battle on a micro level everywhere on our planet—and off it.

•Mile High — Matthew Gunselman
In this city perched atop an unstable support structure thousands of feet in the air, upward mobility is difficult and any misstep will take city dwellers tumbling to the bottom.

•Step Well — Sydni Gregg
A place where figures travel in order to celebrate the goddess of the well.

The Drop — Evan Fetherolf. Brian Boles, Carter Ross
A man finds himself in an uncomfortable situation when he must retrieve a special package. (3:07 min)

IU Quidditch — Travis Mott
IU Quidditch has just begun competing with other university’s teams this semester. Here is a glimpse of their practice. (3 min)

Itinerary — Andrew Maurer
Visit the latest public works project by the Department of Psychedelic Edutainment, including a photo tour of a driving tour of the Rocky Mountains. (1:23 min)

Cozy Box — Yu Shan
Sometimes, pressure could be very interesting in your life. (0:36 min)

Dancing for Difference — Glory Sheeley
Alyssa Condotti, a sophomore in contemporary dance at IU, uses her skills in dancing to help others.  The program “Dance for PD“ uses dance to relieve the harsh symptoms of Parkinson's disease. (2:36 min)

History in the FleshBlake Lanning
The Angola Civil War Days are a three day event in northern Indiana during which the life and battles of the civil war are reenacted. This year's event focused on the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam. (3 min)

Monstrum — Eric East
Serial killer and victim engage in a battle of wits. (9:58 min)

Grief Stricken — Russell McGee, Dan Levy, Sahar Pastel-Daneshgar
A man wakes up to find his obituary in the newspaper.  Very much alive, he sets off on a journey to discover the root of this mystery. (3:40 min)

Meeting Ends — Carter Ross, Evan Fetherolf, Mark Totte
A young man cut off from all personal relationships develops a negative stigma for humankind and copes by mugging people. (4:54 min)

Amorphous Extremities — Rose Werr
Using photographs of my skin and eyes I have reformed my body into something alien. (0:29 min)

City Lights — Joel Wisneski
A small chunk of a big city. (1:06 min)

Red Room — Russell McGee, Mark Totte
A curious man pits his courage against the fear of the unknown in an effort to learn if the red room is haunted. (8:45 min)

The Law of the Jungle — Catherine Chi
We live in a world that builds with products. We have to fight with our desire but most of the time we just surrender to their charm. (1:02 min)

The Hudsucker Posse at Lotus Fest Journalism Feature — Caitlin O'Hara
Interview with The Hudsucker Posse, who perform intricate acrobatic and dance moves using hoops. For the first time, the Hudsuckers performed as an official Lotus Fest act at Jake's Night Club. (4:19 min)

Picnic at Black Meadow — Sahar Pastel-Daneshgar. Russell McGee, Ole Brereton
During a picnic with her father in the late 1950s, a young woman meets the devil and must decided whither or not to make a deal. (6:30 min)

The Red Balloon — Ole Brereton, Caz Tanner, Trevor Charles 
The story of a red balloon and the people it encounters. (13:19 min)