Pam Minty and Alain LeTourneau


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icon-jorgensen-lectureJorgensen Guest Filmmaker Series

Pam Minty and Alain LeTourneau

  1. Friday, March 29, 2013 3:00 p.m.
Image of Pam Minty and Alain Letourneau

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The talk will explore the filmmakers’ interest in formal experimentation in documentary, referencing their film Empty Quarter, as well as films from other filmmakers.

40 Frames is dedicated to preserving the art of 16mm filmmaking and exhibition. Co-founded by Alain LeTourneau and Pam Minty, 40 Frames advocates for the continued use of 16mm and super16 for production, and the preservation and exhibition of 16mm prints. Starting in 2000, 40 Frames began coordinating and hosting public screenings of 16mm films at organizations and venues in Portland, Oregon. In 2009, they transitioned from series programming of 16mm to focus on the web resource 16mm Directory, on-going film conservation work acquiring and maintaining a collection of 16mm prints, and offering a menu of technical services aimed at supporting media artists and organizations.