Lost Kisses


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Lost Kisses

  1. Saturday, April 20, 2013 7:00 p.m.
Image from the film Lost Kisses
I Baci Mai Dati (Lost Kisses) tells the comedic story of Manuela, a bored thirteenyear- old girl from a suburb of Sicily, who claims she can perform miracles. Everyone believes her, and from that moment on, masses of starving and needy people come pouring into her life. They plead for her to solve their problems - everything from a lost job, to victory in the next football championship. Manuela’s mother soon realizes the business potential in giving the needy a little hope in their lives. Before long, everyone finds themselves in a bit too deep. That is, until what seemed to be just an extraordinary and inexplicable event, actually does happen… a miracle? In Italian language with English subtitles. (35mm presentation)