2013 3D Student Showcase


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President Provost ChoiceMade at IU

2013 3D Student Showcase

  1. Monday, December 16, 2013 6:30 p.m.
This program highlights the stereoscopic 3D artistry, creativity, and technical accomplishments of students, faculty, and staff at Indiana University. Join us for an evening of adventure and education in the third dimension as we show you student projects and professional productions utilizing stereoscopic 3D video and animation to tell stories and inform audiences.

Presented in cooperation with the Advanced Visualization Lab, Department of Telecommunications, and IUPUI School of Informatics.

Hidden Worlds (05:31, suggested rating G)
Supercomputers are among the newest tools being used by biologists to simulate and visualize extremely small molecules interacting at incredibly fast speeds. Investigating Hidden Worlds examines these two phenomena using animations and narration that emphasize the ability of supercomputers to see very small objects and to slow down time.

High Tech Astronomy (04:31, suggested rating G)
Take a peek into the world of high tech astronomy with a visit to the 3.5 meter WIYN Telescope housed at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory facilities on Kitt Peak in Arizona.

Pizza Rumble (04:08, suggested rating PG)
What happens when two roommates discover that there is only one slice of pizza left?

Be Quiet! (07:19, suggested rating PG-13)
Criminals or heroes? Can someone do the wrong thing for the right reason?

Mystic Message (05:52, suggested rating PG)
Do we exist in the real world or is the world only a dream? Are we the dreamer?

Trail to Stepp (06:26, suggested rating PG-13)
A group of college kids takes a hike along the trail to Stepp Cemetery, what could possibly go wrong?

Robot Camp (13:42, suggested rating PG-13)
Geeks and nerds save the day, but they don't save everyone, while at Robot Camp.

The Inn (04:48, suggested rating PG-13)
Does this cozy Inn hide a terrible secret?

Passing Door (07:26, suggested rating PG)
Journey with a man taking a look back on his long life and where he is now.

Behind the Scenes (03:59, suggested rating G)
Enjoy a slideshow of 3D behind the scenes images from the student productions.