2013 Student Films Showcase 1


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2013 Student Films Showcase 1

  1. Tuesday, April 30, 2013 6:30 p.m.
Films in this program were curated from projects produced in the Departments of Communication and Culture, Telecommunications, School of Fine Arts and School of Journalism.

 by Russell Sheaffer

Comprised entirely of single frame images, Polysemy mixes sexually explicit and religious iconography to unsettle our obscure notions of three words we use as expletives. Filmed with assistance from Sam Barden. 1:59min N.B.: Some viewers may find the content offensive.

The Collins Buccaneers by Hugh Donkin and Spencer Smith
The Collins Buccaneers features the commitment and hope of the Collins Little Five team. 4:58 min

Night in Forest by Colin Denhart
A night in the lives of students living on the 6th floor of Forest Quad at Indiana University. Students share their personal experiences as they go about a typical Saturday night on campus. 6:38 min

Union Board by Danny Huggins
This feature story explores the Union Board and some of their projects including the Little 500 concert series. 4:41 min

A Day in the Life of IU Basketball Fans
by Travis Mott, Will Wamathai, Jinghua Tu
IU fans revel at the chance to participate in College Game-Day and an Indiana Basketball victory over Michigan. Watch as the story unfolds from first daylight to the 9pm tip off. 3:03 min

Sesh by Alfred Franco
A cinema vérité and reflexive experimental doc on skateboarding. It gives you a look into skating but you are not allowed to understand it. 2:18 min

Behind the Scenes of Akhnaten by Timur Aktailakov
Take a peek behind the scenes of the production of Akhnaten with Musical Arts Center Technical Director Alissia Lauer. 2:02 min

Candace Evans Directs Akhnaten by Asset Zhamlmaganbetov
New York Director Candace Evans discusses her approach to directing Phillip Glass’ opera Akhnaten at IU’s Musical Arts Center. 4:30 min

A Visual Life by Kathleen O’Connor
This feature story provides a glimpse into the art of professor Kevin Mooney and his unique relationship with the world through photography. 3:25 min

Selfless by William Mruezk
A youth reflection in a moment of liminality. 5:13 min

Rebirth of Spring by Nick Gall
A documentary about what it's like for wildlife coming out from the dormancy of winter. Produced with assistance from Hillary Brown. 2:30 min

New Orleans Street Musician by Mary Katherine Wildeman
Aaron Keith and other Big Easy street performers discuss the city's unique character. 2:32 min

Bohemian Rhapsody by Sam Silver
A multi-camera video of the JSoM/TCom recording session of an original arrangement for orchestra of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Nick Hersh. 7:00 min