Peeping Tom


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Peeping Tom

  • 1960
  • Directed By: Michael Powell
  • Rated Not Rated
  • Thriller
  • 101 Minutes
  1. Wednesday, October 2, 2013 7:00 p.m.
Image from the film Peeping Tom
This was the film considered so shocking when released in 1959 that it all but wrecked director Michael Powell’s career. A precursor to Hitchcock’s better-known Psycho, Powell’s film explores even more disquieting self-reflexive depths with its story of an obsessive photographer who films women while killing them. The film is at once, oddly, an indictment of horror and one of the finest examples of what the genre is capable of as it reveals the mechanisms and desires driving one man’s haunted thirst for violence, suffering and self-expression. (35mm presentation)