2014 Student Films Showcase


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President Provost ChoiceMade at IU

2014 Student Films Showcase

  1. Tuesday, May 6, 2014 7:00 p.m.
Films in this program were curated from projects produced in the Departments of Communication and Culture, Telecommunications, School of Fine Arts and School of Journalism. (HD Cam presentation)

The program includes:

Scour Skates —by Matt Gehl, 3:45 min
With Nick Holub, Nick Traycoff, and Tim Martin
Skateboarding in Bloomington- 'nuff said.'

Textillery Weavers — by Cadence Baugh, 3:56 min
It all began with one loom. Today, Textillery Weavers, located in Bloomington, IN, is a bustling business for woven goods. Since the very first thread of the loom, the Rose family now supports a thriving factory that competes on the global scale.

Oddland — by Yalu Ye, 0:25 min
Oddland is a miniature of life - a journey full of the dreadful and the colorful.

Developed - 5:26 min
A man goes to the park to take photographs of the nature around him until a woman sitting under a tree catches his eye. He is first intrigued by her, but this leads to more until he has become completely infatuated."

The Harvest is Ready — by Jade Sharp, 3:03 min
A woman’s touch spreads light and freedom.

In the Fridge — by Tingyu Li, 1:52 min
This is a world in the fridge, which was not be used for a long time. Food became transformed creatures. Each creature has their own personality. You are going to fly and leave this world. Of course, trying to not pissing off these transformed foods.

WIUX — by Hugh Donkin, 3:00 min
This feature story provides a brief glimpse into the history of the station and how it operates.

TV News in the Movies — by Lauren Linder, 9:15 min
Lauren Linder looks into the portrayal of broadcast journalists in movies and TV shows. She interviews IU alumni and guest speakers working in television news for their impressions of fictional portrayals.

Your Flesh Is So Nice — by Benjamin Nichols, 2:35 min
With Grayson Harbour and Katie Blake.

Two Stop-Motion Studies — by Connor Jim Andrei & Siarra Brielle Bazler
The Worm’s Way is a short animation created on a vintage LiteBrite. It showcases the hard life of a worm in the confines of modern society with allusions to reincarnation and video games. Harvey & Phyllis: The Kiss is the first in a proposed series of short Claymation films centered around the titular characters as they work through the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Matt Weirdo — by Colin Denhart, 2:24 min
One in a series of comedy shorts about an obnoxious nerd named Mark Weirdo, who annoys his friends. In this episode, Mark forces his friends to go see the new Pokemon movie — to their dismay.

Roommates — by Micah Niedner, Reid Ralston, Kevin Nichols, 6:30 min
Trouble ensues when new roommates, Seth and Thomas, don't exactly see eye to eye. STRONG LANGUAGE

Beyond Ignorance — by Grayson Harbour, 4:28 min
With Ben Nichols, Macey White, and Jake Boris
Beyond Ignorance tells the story of a college student who gains the ability to absorb written information through touch, the perfect superpower in an academic world. The only trouble is, the more information she absorbs, the greater her insomnia grows.

Deserted Ocean — by Kylie Hawes, 0:30 min
An imagined world where the ocean has been drained and what has been left behind.

c r r r r n — by Patrick Stefaniak, 0:28 min
"Think you're escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home."

Mathematica — by Adam Lee, 3:13 min
With Jon Steinberg, Ishan Singal, Jake Boris, Bryce Ferendo, Connor Andrei
A commentary on mathematical understanding and mathematics' relationship to the world. Mathematica is a structural and visual representation of the marriage between math and nature and their beauty.

How to Make Art — by Carlos Guiterrez, 2:48 min
Instructional video about “how to make art.” STRONG LANGUAGE

Make A Wish - 6:11 min
A group of friends are in the midst of celebrating a birthday when strange things begin to take place. STRONG LANGUAGE

The Lost One — by Connor Jim Andrei and Siarra Brielle Bazler, 2:07 min
Have you ever wondered what happened to your lost sock? The Lost One follows a sock separated from its mate by the dryer door. It must find its way home.

Untitled— Elaine Fath, 3:42 min
Visiting a Concentration Camp — Milana Katic, 3:42 min
How does one visit a place of death? Following a visitor’s experiences in such a place as the Auschwitz-Birkenau camps gives some insight into what it’s like to engage in horror tourism.

Same Love — Jinghua Tu, 14:00 min
Jinghua Tu explores both the personal relationships and the politics involved in same sex relationships in Indiana.

Don’t Touch That Stuff — by Adam Cook & Ben Rothenberg, 11:11 min
A failed real estate salesman develops a dangerous addiction.

Shadow Man — by Carlos Guiterrez, 4:25 min
With Sam Dixon, Alexis Ovitt & Jennifer Wang
A janitor’s dreams are realized through shadows.

Mimsy — by Barton Girdwood & Carissa Barret, 10:15 min
Description forthcoming

Plato’s Inferno — by Brandon Walsh, 5:22 min
A young man’s surreal visit to a vintage clothing store.