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gloria_rolando_iconForgotten Histories: Recent Documentaries by Gloria Rolando


  1. Sunday, October 5, 2014 6:30 p.m.
Still image from the film Reembarque
Reembarque / Reshipment Reembarque explores intra-Caribbean migration, a topic she first broached in her earlier documentaries My Footsteps in Baraguá (1996) and Pasajes de corazón y la memoria (2007). The film probes the economic and social effects of exploitation of cheap labor from across the Caribbean to work on Cuban plantations. Spurred by the persistence of Haitian traditions —such as creole music and vodou— in the Cuban cultural landscape, Reembarque exposes the little-known history of Haitian migrants to Cuba and their subsequent, forced deportation during the early 20th century. In Spanish language with English subtitles. (HD Cam presentation)

Director Gloria Rolando is scheduled to be present.

Forgotten Histories:
The Recent Documentaries of Gloria Rolando

The spirit of collaboration and the desire to uncover hidden stories mark Afro-Cuban director Gloria Rolando’s approach to filmmaking. Rolando’s documentaries are unequivocally Cuban and are also inextricably linked to the country’s African diasporic roots. As a founding member of the film collective Imágenes del Caribe, Rolando’s practice exemplifies the independent filmmaking spirit: “None of my projects has had a budget: they begin with a borrowed camera, or a little money to rent equipment, but always with a clear idea of the story I want to tell.” The series is sponsored by La Casa, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Black Film Center/Archive, Cultural Studies Program, CUBAmistad, Film and Media Studies, Departments of Gender Studies, History, Spanish and Portuguese, and IU Cinema.