Fall 2014 Student Films Showcase


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Fall 2014 Student Films Showcase

  1. Wednesday, December 17, 2014 7:00 p.m.
Super 8.
This program features selected shorts by production students from The Media School and the Hope School of Fine Arts. It covers all genres and production formats—from documentary and experimental to dramatic, from super-8 and16mm film to digital video. Be prepared for an evening that is entertaining, stimulating, and informative in equal measures. The program includes:

for Richard
From his friends in C335 and CMCL. We will miss you. 1.13 min

Directed by Yunjin La-mei Woo and Jia Wei
A bright, round O embarks on a journey through a jungle of colors, shapes, and mysterious creatures. 0.25 min

Lightning Time-lapse
Directed by Darryl Smith
Time-lapse video shot with a DSLR of a lightning storm passing over Evansville, Ind. 0.56 min

Edible Art
Directed by Victoria Lacy
Victoria Lacy discovers the origins of BLU Boy Chocolates through her interview with founder, David Fletcher. 4.41 min

Directed by Alex Crouch and Ashley Chambers
A man faces the greatest challenge of his life: making a sandwich. 2.44 min

Murder in the Stacks
Directed by Rebecca Butorac
A woman resorts to dire measures to get rid of distractions while studying. 2:49 min

Heart of the Dark
Directed by James Sickmeier
A criminal gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to help steal a car. 6.06 min

The Bee Dilemma
Directed by Nicholas Heighway
Beekeeper Ellie Symes talks about the art and science of keeping bees. 3.00 min

For the Love of Fido
Written, directed, and produced by Taylor Killough
Any animal lover will tell you there’s no better companion than one with four legs, a wet nose and a furry tail. But finding your perfect pet is never easy. So when Bloomington resident Valerie Pena was denied a dog by the Bloomington Animal Shelter over a dozen years ago, she was devastated. Taylor Killough tells us how Valerie used that experience to become one of the biggest animal adoption advocates in the area. 5:02 min

Directed by Sarah Nadolski
A man locked in a struggle with time itself gradually loses grip on reality. 1.10 min

Directed by Eric Zobel
Scherzo (noun): a vigorous, light, or playful composition. From the Italian, literally "jest". Graphic warning: “Ambiguous substances used in the making of this film might conjure disturbing associations for some audience members.” 3.28 min

Input (~2L) :: Output (~1L)
Directed by Liz Clayton Scofield
My body becomes a machine used in the purification of water. 2:35 min

Directed by Bronson DeLeon and Colleen O’Keefe
An experimental presentation of our concerns about post-graduate life. 2.05 min

Directed by Ashley Chambers and Alex Crouch
A young woman ends up opening a box of her old college things only to find a t-shirt which takes her back to the memories of an ex-boyfriend that she's not quite yet been able to forget. 2.14 min

Directed by Maddy Aybar
A young woman makes an unpleasant discovery about her friend. 5.00 min

In-depth Marijuana Coverage
Directed by Grayson Harbour
Produced by: Grayson Harbour, Hannah Alani, Lacey Hoopengardner
Marijuana prevalence and arrest rates are increasing on campus. This documentary, shot with the participation of IUPD, attempts to understand why. Part 1 of a two part documentary series. 11.25 min

Living the Dream
Directed by Keenan Crotty and Caroline Harbaugh, Bryce Ferendo and Daniel Ramirez
One person's dull life changes with the push of the remote. 5:33 min

The Book
Directed by Matthew Wilson A young man finds a mysterious book in the library. 5.10 min

Deliver Music
Directed by Shuhan Yu
Classical music is popular in Bloomington and it’s not hard to find that type of music here. So, the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra, under the leadership of Carl Weinberg, is taking its wonderful music outside the city limits. 3:21 min

Katsuyoshi's Shakuhachi
Directed by Jacob Krutulis
Katsuyoshi Yamada discusses the art of playing the shakuhachi. 2.00 min

Jazz—Soundtrack to America
Directed by Henry Malone
Jacobs School of Music professor Marlin McKay expresses his love of jazz and its defining role in American culture. 3:38 min

Taste My Lightning
Directed by Cassandra Harner
Day Jeri and Night Jeri must settle their differences. 4:25 min All-Star Chuck
by Harrison Pogue and Rebecca Banks
The story of Chuck Taylor, and how his hometown of Columbus, IN decided to commemorate him and the famous shoe that he sold. 5.34 min

I Hate Balloons
Directed by Erika Jones
A boy travels through his crazy dream one night. O.37 min

Mr. Karate's Moon Landing
Directed by Matt Lutz
A revisit to the Apollo 11 spaceflight backed with grunt-driven world music. 3.58 min

Lux et Veritas
Directed by John Hardeman and Haley Rios
Societal perspective through light and truth. Music: Helt ensam (outro) by Yung Lean. 2.41 min

Rediscovering Lick Creek
Directed by Daion Morton, Nancy Comiskey, and the 812 Magazine staff
Lick Creek was where the first free African-American settlers came in Orange County, Indiana before 1820. Revisit Lick Creek and learn about its history and theories as to why such a thriving community nearly went forgotten. 7.14 min

Attention to Detail Guides the Dreamer
Directed by Barbara Ann O'Leary
Shot on Super 8 and edited digitally, Attention to Detail Guides the Dreamer explores a recursive, deepening process that eradicates reliance on form and structure, expands space, and invites authentic possibility to arise. 3.30 min

Cody the Horse
Directed by Xiao( Sylvia) Bao
When we think about volunteers, we think about those who dedicate their time and energy to deliver critical services to our community. This year, a special volunteer at People and Animal Learning Services was nominated for a Bloomington Volunteer Award. He has been working at PALS for more than ten years, and his unconditional love has touched more than 500 lives. 4:49 min

American Redneck Samurai
Directed by Matt Dillman
A redneck samurai battles a hill jack swordsman for the love of a rosy-cheeked beauty who owns a sushi stand. Vegetables, sushi, and flesh: cut to perfection. 9.03 min