Academic Symposium Schedule


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orson_welles_iconOrson Welles: A Centennial Celebration and Symposium

Academic Symposium Schedule

  1. Tuesday, April 28, 2015 10:00 a.m.

Presented by The Media School at Indiana University, IU Libraries, and Indiana University Cinema.

The final schedule of presentations, keynotes and guests introducing and discussing films can be downloaded from here.

Wednesday, April 29

  • 2:00 pm Registration begins
  • 4:00 pm Panel presentation: "Welles and Radio: The Mercury Theatre on the Air and the Act of Media Translation" Moderated by Barbara Klinger.
      A. Brad Schwartz - Chaos, Panic, and Magic: The Creation of the War of the Worlds Broadcast; Jacob Smith - Orson Welles’s ‘Hell on Ice’ and Radio at the End of the World; Shawn VanCour - Literary Adaptation and the Problem of Voiceover Narration in War of the Worlds
  • 7:00 pm Screening: THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS
    with analysis of original cut by Joseph McBride

Thursday, April 30

  • 8:00 am Panel presentation: "Welles and Technology" Moderated by Stephanie DeBoer.
    Live streaming here.
      Lisa Gotto - F for Future: How Orson Welles anticipated the digital age; Matthew Solomon - An Ambivalent Anachronism: Welles and Silent Pictures; Julie Turnock - Using the Optical Printer Like a Paint Brush: The RKO Effects Department, Citizen Kane and the Myth of Deep Focus
  • 10:00 am Panel presentation: "Investigations in the Archive" Moderated by Rebecca Baumann.
      Vivian Halloran - The Performance of Voodoo in Macbeth; Adalberto Müller - Dracula, Kurtz and Kane: The Evil Forces in Orson Welles’ Early Work; Shelby Plummer - Performance of Femininity in Horse Eats Hat
  • 10:00 am Panel presentation: "Welles and Radio: ‘War of the Worlds’ and Orson Welles’ Radio Legacy" Moderated by Greg Waller.
    Live streaming here. Some browsers may not load.
      Jennifer Hyland Wang - After the Martians: Orson Welles and the Invasion of ‘Daytime’ in the War of the Worlds Controversy; Josh Shepperd - The Impact of War of the Worlds upon Reception Research and Censorship Discourses at the FCC and CBS; Eleanor Patterson - Orson Welles Radio Legacy: A history of ‘War of the Worlds’ circulation and engagement in post-network radio culture
  • 12:45 pm Keynote Address - James Naremore
    Live streaming here. Some browsers may not load.
  • 2:00 pm Screening: MAGICIAN:

    with Chuck Workman in attendance
  • 4:30 pm Reception at Lilly Library
  • 7:00 pm Double Feature Screening:

Friday, May 1

  • 8:30 am Panel presentation: “Investigations in the Archive II” Moderated by James Naremore
    Live streaming here. Some browsers may not load.
      Neyde Branco - F for Fake: An Essay an Authorship and the Role of the Market; Darlene Sadlier - Orson Welles on the Air: Hello Americans; Patrick McGilligan - TBA
  • 10:30 am Panel presentation: "Welles’s Public Contexts" Moderated by Joan Hawkins
    Live streaming here. Some browsers may not load.
      James Gilmore - Deep Focus: The Welles Correspondences and the Struggle Against Postwar Anti-Semitism; Sidney Gottlieb - Orson Welles, Journalist: The New York Post Columns; Susan Ohmer - The Presidential Politics of Citizen Kane; Robert Kroll - Brevity is the Soul: Evaluating Orson Welles’ commercials and voice-overs
  • 10:30 am Panel presentation: "Welles: New Approaches" Moderated by Craig Simpson.
      Vincent Longo - Around the World: ‘Aesthetic Limbo’ and the Theatre/Film Hybrid; David Stimilli - Slander and Blackmail: on Welles and Kafka; M. George Stevenson - Circular Logic and the Logic of Circles: Constructing Metaphorical Space in Orson Welles’ The Trial; Joshua Vasquez - The Fine Art of Invention: Orson Welles’ Remembrance of History in Ceiling Unlimited and Hello Americans
  • 1:00 pm Keynote Address - Jonathan Rosenbaum "Oja Kodar’s Collaborative Work with Orson Welles"
    Live streaming here. Some browsers may not load.
      A study of Oja Kodar’s work as a collaborator in the late works and projects of Orson Welles—chiefly as writer and actress, but in other capacities as well (e.g., designer of costumes and props on The Merchant of Venice, assistant director on The Magic Show, co-director (on one sequence) of The Other Side of the Wind, and slate holder and/or focus puller on multiple projects).
  • 3:00 pm Screening: TOO MUCH JOHNSON
    presented with live commentary
  • 5:00 pm Dinner
  • 8:00 pm Panel Discussion: THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WIND
    Live streaming here. Some browsers may not load.
    Panelists include:
      Joseph McBride
      Jonathan Rosenbaum
      Josh Karp (Orson Welles's Last Movie: The Making of The Other Side of the Wind, 2015)
      Filip Jan Rymsza (Managing Partner, Royal Road Entertainment, Producer, The Other Side of the Wind)
      James Naremore (Moderator)

Saturday, May 2

  • Morning Tours of Lilly Library and
    IU Libraries Moving Image Archive
  • 1:00 pm Panel presentation: “Investigations in the Archive III” Moderated by James Naremore
    Live streaming here. Some browsers may not load.
      Francois Thomas - 1953-6: The Filmorsa Years; Marguerite Rippy - Macbeth and Beyond: Welles and Harlem; Matt Hauske - Staging the Impossible: Orson Welles’s Moby Dick—Rehearsed; Catherine Benamou - Orson Welles’s Itineraries, In and Through It’s All True 1941-42
    presented with live commentary
  • 7:00 pm Screening: TOUCH OF EVIL
  • 9:30 pm Screening: THE TRIAL

Sunday, May 3